Paint Correction

Helps correct any swirls or holograms on the paint. We are able to wet sand vehicles per the customer's request.

Help Your Car Look Its Best

Schedule car paint correction services in Holland, MI

If you aren't fully satisfied with your vehicle's appearance, you should consider scheduling car paint correction services. We offer comprehensive auto paint correction services to keep your vehicle looking great. Whether if it's a simple polish and sealant or a full wet sand and correction. We can restore, protect and maintain your vehicle's finish..

No scuffs, imperfections or minor scratches are too much for us to correct. Schedule an appointment today to make your car look factory-new again.

Are you in surrounding areas like: Zeeland, Hamilton, Borculo, West Olive, Grand Haven, Hudsonville, Jenison, Drenthe, Pullman, Fennville, Allegan, Saugatuck, & Douglas? No problem, we have you covered too!

auto paint correction holland mi

How can we help you?

When you hire us for auto paint correction services, we'll do whatever it takes to get your car looking great. We can:

Correct any swirls or holograms in the paint
Smooth out and improve the clarity of the paint
Bring out the shine of the vehicle
Protect the exterior with an SB3 Ceramic Coating

Plus, these services don't have to be expensive. Partner with us for high-quality car paint correction services at a fair price.